The End.
Dearest LJ crew,

I have decided to cease using Livejournal. Unlike my many previous "hiatus'", this is permanent, but all is not lost.

I have decided to revamp my website, and with the assistance of a fantastic new resource called TUMBLR, I am able to post more frequently, more interesting, and more fun reading/viewing/listening material. It allows me easier customization, and better integration with my domain.

So please, if you will, follow me to my new permanent home.

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Your blog looks nice, even so it would be far better if you’ll be able to use lighter colors too as a professional design. This will make sure that a lot more readers come to check it out.Informative post by the way!

I am doing research for my university thesis, thanks for your great points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your RSS feeds also, Thanks.

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